This bow site is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Ed Scott, my dear friend, mentor and brother in Christ. His hands-on teaching about bow-making and his unique spirit about life, along with his sweet wife Carolyn, have been a blessing that will be with me always. I will see you later, brother, in the Creator's time appointed.

Dave Dill
Bison Bows




Dave Dill is a bowyer, now residing in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Raised in the piney woods of East Texas, as a youth he was obsessed with Indian lore and made many bows from hickory, elm and bodark (osage orange) saplings as well as other woods native to Texas.

Dave served in the Army from 1965-1967 and, after returning, he married and settled down in Mesquite Texas where he spent several years as a bull rider in the PRCA. He is also an accomplished western style artist, but his...

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Please feel free to contact Dave with any questions you may have at:

Phone: (573)760-9942


Karl Weston - Fort Worth, TX

"I had Dave build me a Comanche Plains Hunter bow. I must say this bow has surpassed every expectation I had. Dave not only created a bow that shoots with great comfort and ease but it is a true work of art. It fits me perfectly and the detail is out of this world. I would suggest if you're in the market for this type of bow have Dave build it for you. Dave is a very honest person who is meticulous at what he does."

Paul Clark - Farmington, MO

"I'm writing in regards to the Comanche Plains Hunter self-bow that I recently purchased. I must say that as an avid hunter (gun, compound bow) that I'm truly impressed with my new bow. I've just recently become a more traditional bow enthusiast. I'm very proud to be the owner of the self-bow that Dave personally crafted for me. It is a work of art that is so functional. The only way to actually know this is to own one. I have spent many years in the woods and hope to spend many more and hoping to harvest my first deer with this bow. Thank you again Dave for a job well done."